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Bucharest Business prezintă The Real Business Part 1!





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The Real Business Part 1 from BucharestBusiness on Vimeo.

After more than 5 years, we decided to stop our activity on YouTube and start on Vimeo. We think this is the right way to go as we are tired of our videos being stolen by other users just to be reuploaded on their own accounts; we’re tired of comments from users that have no idea about what they are talking about and so on. For those who feel like we’re talking about them, PLEASE, STOP ENTERING THIS PAGE!
As for the future, we’ll keep you video-updated by uploading once in a while some fresh material on our Vimeo account /bucharestbusiness. Check it out after the click!

Filmare și editare: bucharestbusiness.ro
Coloană sonoră: DOC – “De ce țipă femeia asta” (instrumental)
Filmat cu: Canon G12